The Piano Bar

Across the carriageway from the Main Bar is the ever-popular Piano Bar. In the evenings, the line to be seated in this bar extends through the carriageway to the main entrance, but is well worth the wait.

The large room offers green cushioned chairs poised around copper-topped tables. The front stage boasts two copper-topped baby grand pianos. The dueling entertainers perform your favorite sing-alongs from requests written upon napkins passed up from the audience.

Green-coated waiters pass through the audience to take your drink orders and deliver Hurricanes by the dozens. Or, if you prefer, a Pat O'Brien's bartender in a signature green velvet bow tie, will serve you at the copper-topped bar.

Mr. Eddie Gabriel (1910-2005)

Remember Always...

Amongst all the fun and excitement of the Piano Bar stood a "true" Pat O'Brien's tradition -- Mr. Eddie Gabriel. A 60-year veteran employee, Mr. Eddie takes his place on the stage between the two pianos to played his aluminum tray with thimbled fingers, keeping time for the audience and entertainers, just as he had six nights a week since he invented the act in 1945. (See Press Releases - August 26, 1997 for more info on Mr. Eddie!)

Excerpted from article by Jennifer Lange, December 1995.