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The Hurricane (an absolute must) - 4 oz of rum and Pat O’Brien’s ® Hurricane Mix.
The Skylab - vodka, blue and yummy... watch out it’s stronger than you think.
The Cyclone - A blend of Pat O’Brien’s ® Cyclone Mix and Vodka that will satisfy any citrus lover’s thirst.
The Cat 5 Margarita - a smooth mixture of premium tequila and a hint of Pat O’Brien’s ® Hurricane Mix… delicious!
Bloody Mary
Pat O’Brien’s ® Bloody Mary Mix and Vodka. 

Pat O’s Lemonade
A Refreshing Combination of Pat O's Amber Rum, Orange-Flavored Rum, Triple Sec and Sweet and Sour Mix that will be sure to quench your thirst!

Mint Julep
This New Orleans Tradition is a fantastic drink for you Bourbon lovers.

A colorful drink of Grenadine, Vodka, Blue Curacao and Pat O'Brien's Sweet and Sour Mix, layered to perfection!
Pat O’s Rainstorm
Vodka mixed with Melon Liqueur, Coconut Rum, Pineapple Juice and Pat O’Brien’s ® Sweet Sour Mix, topped with Blue Curaçao make this one of the House Favorites

Purple People Eater (Vodka)
Lightning (Vodka)
Fuzzy Leprechaun (Vodka)

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